I illustrated the Comments and Correspondence page for Editor & Publisher,  a newspaper industry publication, every month from September 2007 through May 2012. The assignment was always a fun conceptual challenge and allowed for a lot of good/bad newspaper jokes.
May 2012 - Depicting the overlaps in wilderness first aid and emergency medical training, in the service of field journalism.
December 2011 - In response to a letter emphasizing the role of the press as a watchdog for government accountability.
February 2011 - In reference to a letter pointing out the magazine's error in writing about a "grizzly" crime. "Now, unless it was a crime against a grizzly bear, I believe it should have read 'grisly' crime."
September 2010 - From Editor and Publisher: “While I have you here, my friends and I would like to request that you bring back the comics Pearls Before Swine and Garfield.” — Imprisoned accused double murderer Jeremy Valdes ending a long e-mail to The Standard-Examiner in Ogden, Utah, otherwise devoted to protesting his innocence.
March 2009 - An illustration from the midst of the economic downturn following the 2008 stock market crash. Around this time, the illustrations moved in a more topical direction, relating to the news cycle. This piece has my favorite newspaper-pun masthead: The Maul Street Journal.
May 2008
October 2007
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