Collaborative artwork with Jonathan Lee for Hardywood Park Craft brewery's Brewer/Artist Series. I drew the prehistoric megafauna, he xeroxed them, and turned them into floral collages. I scanned all of the pieces and parts back into the computer, and at the recommendation of the brewer, Ken Rayher, incorporated Art Nouveau details and hand-drawn type to tie the pieces together.
The beer is a rare German style from Lichtenhain, on the border with the Czech Republic. The style was once considered to be near extinction, so we chose to depict extinct animals that once lived in the area. The Art Nouveau details were heavily inspired by Czech artist Alphonse Mucha - another nod to geography. A few hours southwest of Lichtenhain, there is a cave system where the bones of many prehistoric mammals - including the megafaunal wolf on the label - were discovered, giving it name "Grosse Teufels" or "Big Devils" Cave.
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